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FloorWizard Desktop Setup

FloorWizard's net based design provides your team with immediate access to unprecedented amounts of information, even though they may be hundreds or thousands of miles apart. And, data-sharing is not restricted to members of the parent / subsidiary organization. FloorWizard can easily facilitate complex data sharing protocols between trading partners, and so far, we are not aware of a flooring business partnership the system can't handle.

Most desktop users will be office personnel or administrators with various roles, and while it is technically permitted within FloorWizard, the desktop computer should not be used to measure jobs. Site measuring is the only function that is not used on the desktop and depending on your permission level, you will have full access to all other capabilities of the system.

The following guide will show you how to set up your computer to access, edit, print or manage your flooring jobs. There is no additional charge or license needed to install the system on your device, so we encourage you to setup every computer you may want to access FloorWizard from.

To access FloorWizard on your device, you will need:

    • High-speed (DSL or better) Internet Connection

    • FULL Windows XP or higher OS (FloorWizard can be accessed from a MAC, but a 3rd party system such as Parallels which replicates Windows is needed)

    • Windows Internet Explorer (32-bit) Version 7.0 or higher

    • At least 2 GB of Ram

If your device meets these meets these requirements, please start by selecting one of the operating systems below:

Windows Xp
Click If you have Windows Vista
Click if you have Windows 7
Click here if you have Windows 8

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