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Textile Management Systems - First To Interface to FloorWizard

January 1, 2006

Textile Management Systems (TMS) is one of the largest and well known developers of software solutions for the Flooring Retailers and Distributors in the country. Their flagship program is called RollMaster and their Internet version of RollMaster is called NetFloor. Since the beginning of their system development in 1973, TMS has built a base of hundreds of customers in the US and Canada.

FloorSoft is pleased to announce that TMS has completed the first phase of an interface into FloorWizard. With this interface, RollMaster and NetFloor users can create a flooring job in their accounting systems and, with a click of the mouse, build a measuring/installation job in FloorWizard.

This interface eliminates redundant data entry and creates a seamless transition of data between the two systems. It allows both companies to have a more powerful solution for their customers.

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