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The Dixie Group Installs ODMS

January 1, 2008

Saraland, AL - - FloorSoft`s ODMS software (Order Desk Marketing System) has now been fully deployed at The Dixie Group. Customers and management are delighted. "ODMS will provide up to 9 solutions to a customer's request", stated John Petrel, President and Co-Founder of FloorSoft. "ODMS has many advantages over the traditional order entry process. The CSR is presented with up to 9 solutions and actively engages the customer with the details. If a customer simply wants a cut and there is a cut available, the solution will be found and presented on the screen as 1 of the 9 options. The CSR picks the cut solution and the deal is cut. However, ODMS searches through the mill's inventory for dyelots that contain short rolls that are marked for discount. The program then forms multi-piece solutions that will contain 1 or more of these discounted rolls in the solution. If one of these solutions is acceptable to the customer, then a win-win trading relationship has been established. The customer receives the discounts and the mill avoids much deeper discounts that would have occurred when these rolls were sold to distressed inventory brokers."

"But this program is not just about short rolls. When a customer order cannot be filled with only 1 lot, if it is available, the system will find a solution in the fewest possible number of lots. This will save some orders from being backordered (or lost all together) and improve customer satisfaction."

"The system will also offer multi-piece solutions for an order when the single-piece solution being requested by the customer is not available. We will even display less-than solutions to try to save the order for the manufacturer," stated Petrel.

ODMS is one of many solutions available to Flooring manufacturers and retailers through FloorSoft, Inc.

Prior to ODMS, Dixie had no automatic assignment of orders online at order entry time. Quintie Petrel, CTO of FloorSoft, says, "This has been such a gratifying installation to work on. The customer service representatives were skeptical at first, but there has been a complete turn-around! They love the multiple solutions offered so quickly and automatically. And, they are spending much less time on the phone since they no longer have to fit the inventory to the orders manually. Also, the customers are delighted to have the discounts offered with some of the solutions."

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