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FloorWizard Incorporates Powerful Closing Tool

February 5, 2006

From FloorSoft Today:

We have now incorporated a very powerful closing tool into FloorWizard. The Closer now has tremendous control over the priced job. They are able to break the job down by product, by room and by cost item within a room. They are even able to quickly remove itemized room costs to help save the potential customer save money.

In the top section of the screen is a summary of the price to the customer both by Product and by Room. This is not just the price of the material; it is the total price of the material, the price of installation services, the price of removal and disposal of current flooring, and the price of all supporting products such as pad, moldings, trim pieces, vapor barriers, etc.

In addition to “How much for the job”, the 2 most common questions asked by the potential customer are: 1. “How much just for Product A?”, and 2. “How much to do just room B?” Without navigation to other screens and without math or delays, the closer has either question answered immediately.

You start the session by telling the Customer that you have an “Estimation” worksheet that can help answer pricing questions. Advise them that the exact numbers may vary slightly once all decisions are made.

Begin by quoting the total price for the job. If the deal closes, great, it is over. If the customer shows signs of sticker-shock, see if they are working with a budgeted number, and if so, try to determine if they are flexible. If they do not volunteer the number, fish to see if you are close.

In order to reduce the total price of the job, the customer may opt to eliminate one or more products from the job. Try to steer them away from this option. They may also be inclined to remove one or more rooms from the job. Try to steer away from this as well, but it would usually be a better option for the salesperson than dropping an entire product.

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