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FloorWizard Gets a New Server

February 16, 2006

Today, FloorSoft replaced their FloorWizard server with a new, much, much more powerful server. This new machine and supporting software upgrades will easily support our expanding customer-base well into the future. Additionally, the faster processor will result in improved load and save times.

Controlled tests have shown the following performance improvements:

  Old HP Server New Dell Server % Change
1. Average time to prepare document for printing (Project Center) 26 sec 23 sec -11.5%
2. Load drawing applet while on-line (existing project) 32 sec 26 sec -18.8%
3. Save estimation data while on-line (existing project)** 107 sec 21 sec -80.4%
4. Check out a project 36 sec 29 sec -19.5%
5. Check in a project 112 sec 95 sec -15.2%

**: Other changes to the save routine resulted in the majority of this improvement

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