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FloorWizard Reaches Milestone - 50,000 Measurements with No Shortages

February 17, 2008

When considering the accuracy and reliability of Floorsoft's powerful measuring system, FloorWizard, one needs only to examine the software application's highly impressive track record. John Anderson, Leica Geosystem's Sales Manager for South USA, is one of many witnesses to FloorWizard's unprecedented accuracy and user satisfaction:

“The Floorsoft program is a web-based application that utilizes a database of potential flooring materials that can be installed in the clients home or business. Since the costs, availability, color choices, and types of materials can change almost daily, the Floorsoft web-based program allows estimators to have access to the most current data, print a quote, and close the sale in one visit. In order to quickly and accurately take measurements, Floorsoft has incorporated the Leica Disto A6 and the Bluetooth® connection with Fujitsu tablet PC's for field measurements. Since incorporating the A6 into the measuring application, estimators are reporting that measurement times have decreased 50% and there is no risk of transposed numbers being read or entered incorrectly. Secondly, the most impressive fact is that the A6s in the field have now captured over 50,000 measurements with "no shortages." One customer alone is taking 3,800 measurements per month using the A6 without any errors. Understandably, shortages and inaccurate measurements when measuring and quoting flooring materials can be quite costly and time consuming. The team at Floorsoft now includes an A6 in every package they sell. 50,000 measurements, no shortages - That's what I call impressive!”

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