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FloorWizard 1.0

FloorSoft, Inc. Unveils FloorWizard at Surfaces 2001

February 19, 2001 -- 

FloorSoft Inc. Announces the Release of FloorWizard 1.0, the ultimate flooring job manager! 

Dalton, GA – After two years of development, FloorSoft will unveil FloorWizard at Surfaces 2001. 

For years there has been a tremendous need for a measuring and job management tool that could be used by anyone, anywhere, with little or no formal training. This need was recognized and now the tool is realized. 

Since FloorWizard is an Application Service Provider (ASP), all you need is a PC and access to the Internet. With an ASP you don’t have to worry about downloads, lengthy installations and upgrades, backups, or any of the tedious tasks normally associated with a new software package. 

You will be amazed that such an incredibly powerful tool is so easy to use. With online help to guide you every step of the way, you’ll be entering, drawing, manipulating, scheduling, and closing your first job in no time. We knew it would have to be easy to use or it would not be used at all. 

FloorWizard is a point-of-sale system designed to be an interaction tool between the customer and the salesperson. The salesperson can conduct a pre-measure/installation interview, assign rooms to the job, pick products, and assign a measuring appointment. 

FloorWizard is the most powerful measuring tool available. It will allow the measurer or salesperson to draw the job with a mouse, or use a template of common shapes, and collect all the pertinent information about the job. Angled walls are no problem. Stairs of all types can also easily be measured and calculated. 

FloorWizard is a “closing tool” that calculates the total cost of the job by developing workable seam plans and assigning appropriate supporting materials to the quote. Seam plans can be changed in almost every way imaginable. This accomplishes two things: 1) As the plans are changed, costs are affected and displayed to the customer to show the results; and 2) This develops the installation instructions for the installer. Result … better communication with the customer and installer. 

FloorWizard  will provide an installation package providing detailed installation plans and a complete list of materials required for the job. 

FloorWizard is also a scheduling tool for measuring and/or installation appointments. 

FloorWizard will very quickly become the de facto standard for the industry. 

Future releases are already planned. Release 2.0, planned for June 2001, will add the ability to address carpet tile and VCT. Release 3.0, planned for June 2002, will add functionality for ceramic tile. Other releases include plans to take this product into the realms of window treatments, wall coverings and paint. 

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