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FloorWizard Incorporates Powerful Search Feature

February 24, 2006

From the FloorWizard Development Team Today:

We have introduced a “Find” feature to our Project Select screen. This new function allows the user to create a search for a specific set of project data. You can type the text or number you are searching for in the box provided. If you do not know all of the data, you can type the portion you do know and the system will find all matches that contains that data. For example, if you are searching for a person named John Sienkowski, but you are uncertain about the spelling of the last name, then search for John. The system will locate and display all projects where the customer name “contains” John. You don’t have to worry about case.

Searching for numbers works the same way. If you know any string of numbers, it will find all matches to that string. For example, if you know the area code and first 3 digits of the phone number, but not the last 4, the system will find all matches to area code and the next 3 digits.

The new find function works for the following searches: Customer Name, Project Name, Telephone, Retail Order Number, Measure PO and Install PO.

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