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FloorWizard Increases its Lead Over the Competition by Accepting and Processing Payments On Site

March 24, 2009

What If you had the ability to accept credit card payments and immediately process the transactions on site? 

Would you like to save money on processing fees when accepting credit card payments?

Does your organization need a consolidated payment history feature that allows users to view, print, or refund payments?

Using FloorWizard’s payment function, you will be able to accomplish each of these objectives and more!  Over the years, we have spoken with customers who felt the ability to process credit card transactions on site could really benefit their organizations. Unfortunately, we were unable to develop this feature due to the significant resources required to implement an enhancement of this scope. Finally, after an intense development process,  we are excited to offer you another powerful tool that is only possible with FloorWizard.  Here are some of the key features:

Payment Processing

  • Accept cash, check, or credit / debit card transactions on site.
  • Credit / debit cards can be swiped and processed immediately with internet access, securing the lowest rate possible for these transactions.
  • Credit / debit card payments can be accepted without internet access and processed upon project check-in.
  • Your professional image is increased as customers feel more secure when their credit card information is entered via computer.
  • Generate a receipt that can be signed electronically and emailed, faxed and printed.

Payment History

  • Every payment or refund is immediately recorded, creating an unalterable record of payment activity.
  • Transactional details such as cardholder contact information, salesperson contact information and payment information is consolidated and accessible with one click.
  • Print a list of all projects and their balances.
  • Print a list of all payment and refunds made to a selected project.
  • Multiple data filters are included to get the information you need quickly and without a lot of searching.


  • Before data is transmitted, it is encrypted with multi-layered cipher, making it impenetrable to hackers and data miners.
  • All payment records are stored on an independent secure server that is isolated and firewalled using security protocols that exceed the industry standard.
  • Our system is in full compliance with current legislation regarding the storage of transactional data.

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