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Dixie Implements PGS System

May 1, 2005

Saraland, AL - - The Dixie Group has completed a successful implementation of FloorSoft`s PGS (Parameter Generation System).

The FOCUS Parameter Generation System (PGS) is a companion system to FOCUS that further improves inventory utilization and control. The algorithms in the basic FOCUS allocation system are parameter-driven, and PGS automatically adjusts the parameters for optimal performance based on historical demand and management objectives.

PGS uses the following techniques to generate FOCUS allocation parameters that are consistent with user management strategies:

  1. Historical order and sales analysis
  2. Inventory and production data
  3. Physical product characteristics

With the installation of PGS, basic product groups are defined for each mill. Company inventory management objectives are defined for each product group. PGS then applies user management policies to current inventory position and expected order demand to produce unique FOCUS parameters for each stock keeping unit (SKU).

Another major product of PGS is the recommendation of which surplus or aged rolls to offer at a discount. Mills cannot avoid creating more remnants and short rolls than they can apply to customer orders within a reasonable timeframe. But, every aged roll and every short roll is not necessarily a good candidate for discount. PGS uses inventory position and historical demand to scientifically determine which short or aged rolls are actually distressed to the point that they should be moved at a discount to avoid further losses.

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