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Beaulieu 1st to Implement Roll-Mapping

June 1, 2007

Dalton, GA - - While Beaulieu and other carpet manufacturers have been using FloorSoft`s SMART finishing line optimization software for several years, Beaulieu is the first to add equipment and procedures to capture the location of flaws in the large manufactured rolls before they are input to SMART.

Roll-mapping, or flaw-mapping, involves pre-inspection of the large manufactured rolls and "mapping" the interior defects so that SMART has more accurate information about how much of the roll is unusable for customer orders and, specifically, where within the roll these areas occur. This functionality greatly increases the overall efficiency and accuracy of the SMART application.

This is a major pioneering accomplishment for Beaulieu and all involved agree it was a very successful project. Quintie Petrel, CTO of FloorSoft, says, "We are just delighted to see the industry embracing this technology. Our software has been prepared to do this kind of processing for a while, but this is the 1st time a mill has made the additional investment to reap the benefits of SMART`s flaw-mapping capability. This was a great team effort; Beaulieu has every reason to be proud of their showcase installation."

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