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FloorWizard for Appointments Only

June 23, 2008

Floorsoft is pleased to announce the release of the most powerful flooring job scheduling application available - FloorWizard for Appointments Only. This innovative software was specifically designed to replace the "grease-board scheduling technique" which is widely utilized throughout the retail flooring industry. FloorWizard's approach to job scheduling offers levels of data accessibility, accuracy, versatility, and convenience that were previously unavailable to retail flooring industry professionals. The software enables the user to access an unprecedented amount of flooring job data with one click of the mouse.

From 1 computer screen the user can display a calendar and view:

  1. A count of all the measure / install appointments scheduled for each day
  2. Install appointments by type (carpet, laminate, wood planking, etc.)
  3. Install appointments by specific measuring / installation personnel
  4. Install / Measure appointments that have been confirmed with the customer
  5. Measure appointments that have been canceled
  6. Install appointments for which the material is on-hand
  7. Lengthy Install appointments that must be scheduled across multiple days
  8. Install / Measure appointments given to the user by specific retail partner
  9. Install / Measure appointments assigned to a specific installation / measuring company
  10. Many other combinations

From the same screen, the user is able to:

  1. Reschedule appointments to different days or different personnel
  2. See remaining time to completion on install jobs requiring multiple crews or multiple days
  3. Review jobs by PO number
  4. Review jobs by retail order number
  5. View all customer contact information
  6. View all installer / measurer information
  7. View / print a progressive map from the starting address (home or work) to each job for that day (i.e. from starting address to job 1, then from job 1 to job 2, etc.)
  8. Cancel a job
  9. Confirm appointment dates with the customer
  10. Print a measurer's / installer's schedule for a particular day
  11. Reschedule an install while reviewing any limitations a crew might have (unable to install on staircases, cannot move heavy furniture, etc.)

With the FloorWizard system, each crew is set up with its own unique capabilities and schedules. Personnel are able to take time off, work odd hours, etc. Additionally, personnel can be assigned to work specific days or even parts of days. As the only internet-based system on the market, information can be shared and reviewed from anywhere the user has access to an internet connection.

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