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FloorWizard Release 2.0
June 24, 2004

Dalton, GA. -- After 5+ years of intensive development, Release 2.0 of FloorWizard is now in production. "This is a superior product and will provide our company with a solid entry into the retail flooring software market", stated John Petrel, president of FloorSoft, Inc. a Dalton, GA based software development company. "FloorSoft has developed a strong set of optimization programs for the flooring manufacturers. Our order-to-stock allocation software is in use at Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu and the Dixie Group. In fact, about 8 out of 10 orders placed for carpet in the US will be optimized by 1 or more of our mill software systems" stated Petrel. "But, our market with the mills is quickly becoming saturated. So, we will now begin to bring our talents and experience in flooring to the customers of the mills."

FloorWizard is a net-based flooring project management and estimation system. The software can create and track a flooring project from start to finish. The system has the ability to set up partnerships between retail stores, measurers, installers and the mills. It has the ability to create an appointment calendar that reflects the measuring and installing capacities of the store and/or their vendor partners. "While the customer is in the store the associate can check on available appointments on line and set the appointment. The capacity is then reduced. And, the beauty of the system is that capacities can be set by zipcode group. The system looks at the zipcode of the customer and pulls the capacity for that zipcode", stated Petrel.
Once a project is created, the system assigns a "status" code of "New" to the project. As work on the project is completed, the project moves throught the additional statuses of Working, Measured, Estimated, Approved, Installed and Complete. "The system does a great job of tracking the project. A project history is created every time something important occurs. With this history, the user can determine who-did-what-when throughout the life of the project."

FloorWizard has a truely spectacular estimation routine. The user can estimate in the store or at the site. They can be connected to the Internet (with all the resources of the database) while estimating or they can be totally disconnected and still get a full estimation. "This is the perfect tool for closing a job at the site", stated Petrel. "The system is very easy to use and the displays are designed to draw the customer into the loop if desired. You can quickly move to a floorplan and seaming diagram. You can easily change the nap direction, add or remove T-Seams, add rooms or add products. And, the system produces a complete invoice at the site!"

"After completing beta tests with 2 major retailers, we are ready to go" stated Petrel. "These tests were very important as they provided us with the real-world experience we needed to get the design right."

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