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Royalty Carpet Mills Installs ODMS

July 1, 2005

Irvine, California - FloorSoft, Inc. announced today that they have installed their Order Desk Marketing System (ODMS) at Royalty Carpet Mills, the largest independent carpet manufacturer in California.

ODMS is a powerful order-to-stock allocation optimizer for rolled flooring. It is a “black-box” program that is nested within a company’s regular software and operates when a customer order request is received. ODMS quickly returns up to 9 solutions for a customer order, with emphasis on moving over-stocked inventory (small lots, short or aged rolls).

“This was our smoothest software installation ever”, stated John Petrel, President of FloorSoft. “I credit this primarily to the tremendous cooperation and enthusiasm of Royalty personnel and to the experience and skill of our West Coast software partner, GFL Systems.”

“I thought we were in pretty good shape when we arrived in California for the installation,” stated Petrel. “But, quite frankly, I didn’t really think one week was enough time to work through and implement the company policy issues. I really give a lot of credit to Steve Piwnica; he was quick to respond to our need for discussion and made sure that decisions were forthcoming. This enabled us to hit our target to go live by the end of the week.”

“This was our second installation of ODMS. GFL did a great job of integrating our optimization code into their order entry system. It is so nice to have a competent, experienced partner like GFL on the installation team. They had done their homework and were quick to make the necessary changes to address the last-minute needs of Royalty,” stated Petrel.
“I guess the biggest surprise to me was the volume of creative ideas that flowed out of the meetings. After going through our design of the system and through our first installation, I thought that we had a fairly complete list of installation possibilities. But Royalty had tons of ideas of their own. Ramona Alfieri was “idea champion” and deserves recognition for her tenacious and relentless pursuit of better allocations,” stated Petrel.

“We quickly saw that ODMS was finding great solutions,” stated Steve Piwnica, CFO of Royalty. “FloorSoft has put together a good system and we were able to incorporate our policies into the program quickly. We continue to work with John and Quintie and expect even greater things from ODMS in the future,” stated Piwnica.

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