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Mohawk Installs SMART Finishing Line Software

July 1, 2007

Dalton, GA - - Mohawk Industries has completed a major installation of FloorSoft`s SMART finishing line software, including full automatic flaw detection and mapping functionality. SMART is the only software system available to allow carpet manufacturers to "Cut to Order" thereby minimizing production and shipping times and greatly reducing short rolls and waste.

Among the advantages now being capitalized on by Mohawk via SMART are:

  1. Real-Time, Online, Just in Time Production
  2. Avoidance of short balances by using FOCUS type logic to fit multiple orders onto multiple inventory candidates
  3. Acknowledgement of the location of defects and computation of the best cutting solution around these defects
  4. Determination of when and how many Jumbo or Master Rolls should be made
  5. Determination which orders to service and in what sequence (Allocation of the highest priority orders is attempted on the rolls sewn into the line first, but even inventory not yet to the finishing line is considered in the plan for cutting)
  6. Determination of which rolls to wrap
  7. Based on machine capacity, determination of when to roll several orders together for off-line cutting to avoid slowing down the finishing line
  8. Considering the minimum and maximum specified on the order, roll orders are fit onto the available inventory, maximizing the amount of carpet shipped and the number of orders shipped and minimizing waste
  9. Recomputation of the entire cut plan each time anything changes (i.e. off quality is found, orders are re-prioritized, new orders are entered or new inventory is available)

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