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FloorWizard Breaks New Ground With Improved Staircase Specification Routine

July 7, 2008

FloorSoft is pleased to announce the upcoming release of FloorWizard's new routine for specifying staircases. The routine has been completely overhauled using customer input to upgrade what is already the most powerful flooring store management and estimation software available. Our main objectives for the new design were:

  1. To create an improved, more comprehensive method for handling planked and tiled products that exceeds the minimum requirements of our customers;
  2. To design a staircase specification routine which includes the various transitions and moldings required to trim out the job;
  3. To improve the print routine by merging the images of the designed stair into the FloorWizard installation documents.

In order to accommodate all of these improvements, some screens needed to be completely redesigned. Here is a brief introduction to the new routine:

Step 1 : Define Step Design

The user first describes the step design using up to 6 predefined images. A pull-down menu is provided so your company is able to charge the customer a predefined rate for the install, or charge individually for services required to complete the staircase. Current users will notice that this first step is quite similar to the original method.

Step 2: Define Dimensions

Using this screen, the user will input the dimensions of the stair case into the system.

Step 3: Define Trim Pieces

In this step, the user will have the option to apply trim pieces to the stair case. The "Select Trim Piece" pull down-menu will display a list of all the trim items sold by your company. Once this step is completed, a line will appear in the summary table (currently shown in gray) that will define the details of the staircase component just created.

This functionality is completely unique to FloorWizard, and cannot be found in any competing software packages. As always, our customer's feedback is highly appreciated, and we will continue to deliver upgrades of this nature in order to provide a software package that meets all of our customers' needs.

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