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FloorWizard Update, Copy-Project function paves the way for new business for Flooring Retailers

July 12, 2003

FloorSoft announced today that they have implemented a powerful new "Copy Project" function into their FloorWizard Estimation and Project Management System. This new feature allows the user to create a full, detailed duplicate of a project. Many users have been excitedly awaiting this new feature. Here are some of the ways that "Copy Project" can be used:

To Support the Multi-Family Housing Business – The user can create a Master Plan for an apartment complex. Then, when the complex calls for replacement of flooring for a particular unit, you simply copy that Master Plan project and rename it to the resident owner’s name (or some other appropriate name) and you have quickly created a drawn and estimated job.

To Support Builder Business – Master Plans for builders can be stored on the database and recalled when a builder’s customer is creating their flooring design. Again, the user can, with the customer in the showroom, copy the Master Plan, give the copy the customer’s name and then apply the products of the customer to the copied Master Plan. A fully costed job can be created with virtually no work.

To Develop Multiple Solutions for a Customer – Suppose the customer wants to redo their home in carpet. But maybe they want to use wood instead. Or, maybe some combination of products. The user can take the drawn plan and make multiple copies of the plan. Then the details of each choice of the customer can be saved for side-by-side comparison. When the choice is made, there is no more work to be done.

For licensed FloorWizard users, a training document detailing the use of "Copy Project" was also published.

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