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FloorWizard's Re-Figure Function Has Been Re-Engineered

October 14, 2014

After receiving numerous suggestions about our re-figure function, we have re-engineered the flow and added some additional accounting.  I believe you will really like our new design.  Here is a list of changes we have made:

  1. We have added a time stamp and a user name to each refigure line to identify the last time and person that made a change to the refigure. See screen-capture below:

          Re-Figure Estimates for Lowe's Installers

  1. When the user presses the Re-figure button for the FIRST time, (i.e. there are NO Re-figures for the project), the system will auto-create a line for the original measure, name it “Original”, and ask for the name of the New Re-figure.  AS SOON AS the user enters new name for the new re-figure and clicks “OK”, the system will take the user DIRECTLY to the SITE TOOL WITHOUT ANY MESSAGES.
  1. When the user has already made AT LEAST ONE re-figure, the System will go directly to the re-figure list upon the press of the re-figure button. If the customer clicks load or adds a new re-figure, then the system will take the user STRAIGHT TO SITE TOOL for changes as needed. This has removed all need for the close button and several pop-ups (Mike Cox says “Yeah Baby!").
  1. The system will now not allow the user to delete or change the name of the “Original” measure.

Thanks Steve Marsh, Jason Watson and Quintie Petrel for your powerful suggestions!


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