FloorWizard Becomes the Only Estimation System Capable of Generating the ISST Document for "Big Blue Box" Installers

October 26, 2009

FloorSoft is excited to announce the successful development of a new FloorWizard print function that automatically generates the ISST document using information captured during the measure. Once the measurement has been completed using FloorWizard, the world’s most versatile estimation and project management application, the accompanying ISST documents can be automatically created with one click of the mouse!

In order to complete this tremendous development, FloorSoft has partnered with one of the country’s premiere installation companies servicing the Big "Blue" Box. The partnership ensures that the FloorWizard ISST exceeds the current standard and has been field tested and approved by one of the most successful installation companies. In addition to their valuable guidance, they have been able to facilitate direct feedback from the Big "Blue" Box stores who have critiqued the new ISST. The end result is an ISST document that is preferred over any of its hand written counterparts.

Here are some of the key advantages of the FloorWizard business solution with automatically generated ISST documents for Big "Blue" Boxinstallers:

  • Reduced measurement errors / miscalculated order quantities (we have completed over 90,000 jobs without one reported shortage)
  • Reduced ISST errors (missed charges, missed rooms, incorrect data)
  • Significantly faster ISST Turnaround (ISST can be faxed from the measure site to the store allowing for fastest turnaround possible)
  • Instantly produce re-figures and generate new ISSTs
  • Reduction of administrative overhead (projects always updated with the most recent pricing; no need to review each ISST)
  • An Appointment scheduling function superior to stand-alone scheduling software products
  • Comprehensive installation documents for your installers
  • Increased customer confidence through usage of tablet PC and wireless laser
  • Increased professional presence by using a comprehensive business solution that will distinguish your company from other installers

Since the development ISST print function, several high volume Big "Blue" Box installers have deployed the system throughout their operations. The computer generated ISST is superior to the hand written version generated by their competitors, and the professionalism of the FloorWizard system is helping them to get noticed in a big way.


*FloorWizard is a software product of FloorSoft, Inc. Lowe's has no ownership in FloorSoft and although many Lowe's installers are using the system, Lowe's Corporation does not officially sanction the program and does not participate in marketing efforts with FloorSoft. Only FloorSoft, Inc. stands behind the claims made on this website.

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