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FloorSoft Introduces Standard Set of Transactions to Interface FloorWizard into Accounting Systems

November 25, 2005

The Following Statement was Released from FloorSoft Today:

“We are pleased to announce that we have now established the FTP on our FloorWizard server and we have completed all work on our end for our customers to create a FloorWizard project directly from their accounting systems. We have tested the system by sending in XML documents and everything works beautifully” stated John Petrel, President of FloorSoft.

“ As an additional note, we do full validation on the incoming transactions and post an error message to the account outbox for those that may not pass the validation. This makes a very nice, seamless movement of data from the accounting system to the FloorWizard database. We expect that a number of accounting systems will be using this interface soon,” stated Petrel.

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