New Draw III

December 19, 2012

For the last 8 months, FloorSoft has been re-engineering our draw and specify functions. Here are some of the new features that users will realize:
  • Added Zoom on the Draw Tab (and users can draw when zoomed in or out)
  • Modified draw data structures for features that are down the line
  • Added a "Completed" water mark on the Specify Function
  • Added an "Undo" feature on the Specify Function
  • Added a "Re-Set" feature on the Specify Function
  • Added a feature to custom display information on the Specify Function
  • Added the ability to display dimensions in inches (or centimeters)
  • Added a clickable angled wall icon on every angle this not an increment of 90 degrees
  • Added logic for the system to determine as many angles as possible (automatically)
  • Added capability to enter multiple angles with a single angle entry
"This is a huge release" stated John Petrel, President, FloorSoft. "We went to the core of the Draw and Specify function and delivered major new functionality and our testing indicates that these new capabilities will reduce measure time by 12%. Additionally, we have paved the way for a bevy of new capabilities in the future by adjusting our core data structure, i.e. standby for more great things!"

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