New Supply Function

June 7, 2013

A total of 46 enhancements/patches for FloorWizard were delivered to the production servers today. The primary delivery was a totally re-engineered Supply Function.

"We are very happy to deliver a very powerful new Supply handling capability to FloorWizard" stated John Petrel, President, FloorSoft. "We have been working on these new features for about 6 months. The most fulfilling part for me personally is that most of the ideas came straight from our customers. Here are a few of the more significant improvements:

  • We can now use "application rates" to calculate and sell an item in virtually any unit of measure
  • We can calculate items using the order flooring quantity of the job or the net square area
  • The user has a rounding option
  • We can assign specific supplies to flooring products
  • We can pre-select items for field personnel
  • We can identify specific transitions possibilities for each room connection
  • We can pre-select the exact transition needed at a room connection
These enhancements will result in faster, more accurate measures and will make more money for FloorWizard users. And, we have already started on the re-engineering of our Labor Function to bring even more advantages and capabilities to the system."

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