ODMS (Order Desk Management System) aggressively matches customer needs with your inventory items that are slated for markdown. ODMS offers multiple allocation solutions to your customer in a priority order defined by you.

Key Benefits

Our Order Desk Marketing System (ODMS) is a selling tool designed to identify the best allocation solution for your company and your customer. It allows your Order Desk personnel to offer multiple allocation solutions to your customer in a priority order defined by you.

ODMS completely eliminates the need for your Order Desk personnel to scroll through the inventory. The rapid and extensive solutions returned to the screen by ODMS are more than adequate to communicate order-solving opportunites to your customers. This new automated approach keeps your customers from shopping your inventory at will.

ODMS searches for allocation solutions based on your unique set of marketing strategies. You define, through parameters, how ODMS finds, prioritizes, and presents solutions to the Order Desk clerk. If your business needs change, your simply redefine the ODMS parameters to change the way ODMS processes orders.

ODMS is platform independent and can be interfaced to order entry systems in a variety of environments.

ODMS Objectives

Your Order Desk personnel form the front line of communication with your customers. They are in a perfect position to market your line of products directly. With ODMS, the marketing strategies initiated at the Order Desk are pre-defined by your management. You have the advantage of maximizing sales opportunities, supported by automated inventory management controls, with each customer order.

The primary objectives of ODMS are:

·         To provide an automated method for marketing preferred allocation solutions from the Order Desk, eliminating the need for your customers to shop your inventory

·         To use pricing to entice acceptance of the preferred solution by your customer

·         To access the information obtained from the PGS Discount Module as a means of preferring discountable inventory in allocation solutions

·         To display discountable "tag-along" pieces with each order, creating an opportunity to sell more inventory

·         To create an audit trail of information related to orders and solutions processed by ODMS

·         As a last resort, to search for less-than-order-size solutions that may be acceptable

ODMS Savings Analysis

The following example describes the savings for the mill and the customer from Order Desk marketing of a single 25-foot over-stocked roll. Assume the current SKU pricing is defined as follows: 

Mfg Cost

Cut Price

Exact Price

Roll Price

Pkg Price






The following chart illustrates an ODMS marketing strategy that allows a 20% discount of the cut price, for an over-stocked roll plus an additional 5% discount for using the roll in a multi-piece solution. The Total column reflects a calculation of 33.33 square yards times the applicable value per square yard.

Using this calculation, the example 25-foot order is priced as follows: 


Per Sq Yd


Manufacturing Cost



Roll Price



Exact Price



Cut Price



Package Price



Calculated ODMS Price



Savings for Mill



Savings for Customer



Based on 260 business days per year, this example translates into the following savings: 

# of 25-ft.
ODMS Sales per Day

Annual Mill Savings

Annual Customer Savings













The potential for significant savings for both you and your customer increases with every order filled using ODMS.

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