SMART (News Release) is one of our most powerful optimization products. It is an on-line routine that allocates orders to the stock as it is rolling off the finishing line. We feel that SMART will be absolutely essential for mills that plan to survive the intense competition of the future. It will allow them to carry less finished goods inventory, create fewer undesirable balances at the finishing line and ship directly from the line on as many orders as possible. Please review the major features and benefits of SMART below:

Key Benefits

·         Real-Time, Online, Just in Time Production

·         Avoids short balances by using FOCUS type logic to fit multiple orders onto multiple inventory candidates

·         Acknowledges the location of defects and computes the best cutting solution around these defects

·         Determines when and how many Jumbo or Master Rolls should be made

·         Determines which orders to service and in what sequence (Allocation of the highest priority orders is attempted on the rolls sewn into the line first, but even inventory not yet to the finishing line is considered in the plan for cutting)

·         Determines which rolls to wrap

·         Based on machine capacity, determines when to roll several orders together for off-line cutting to avoid slowing down the finishing line

·         Considers the minimum and maximum specified on the order to fit roll orders onto the available inventory to maximize the amount of carpet shipped, maximize the number of orders shipped and to minimize waste

·         Recomputes the entire cut plan each time anything changes(i.e. off quality is found, orders are re-prioritized, new orders are entered or new inventory is available)

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