What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a service managed by experienced floooring installers that provides Big Box installation vendors with an advantage over their competitors by reviewing and recalculating jobs around the clock for massive gains in turnaround time and error reduction.

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Improved Turnaround Times

Faster Turnaround = More Business

Many companies (including ours) like to brag about fast turnaround times, and why not? After all, it's one of the single most important factors leading to more business from your Big Box customers.

Our team of former installers and flooring project managers work around the clock to review your jobs and submit them to the store before start of business the next day. When a refigure is requested, our team recalculates the job to new specifications and submits within 2 hours.

Still not fast enough? For those times when the customer is waiting and ready to purchase, FastTrack offers an optional instant turnaround option to prepare the detail instantly with no waiting!

Fast Project Turnaround
loss of staff

Temporary Loss of Staff

Many of our installation customers employ one or more solid performers who re counted on to ensure the whole show runs smoothly. What is your plan when life happens and your are suddenly without mission critical personnel?

FastTrack's experienced project managers can step up immediately and fill in during temporary personnel shortages, ensuring you remain profitable and competitive

Reduce Payroll Expenses

After working with installation vendors for years, we often find that our customers are throwing away money unnecessarily on under-utilized personnel. In other cases we see that installers employ 2 or 3 personnel because they lack one employee qualified in all areas.

FastTrack services are billed per project, allowing for 100% efficiency. With FastTrack services, it's no longer necessary to employ full-time personnel when you only have enough work to keep a project reviewer occupied part-time.

Competition is fierce

Be More Competitive

The landscape is changing very quickly and very large competitors are leveraging their financial resources to provide faster more professional services to your common customers. Without access to enormous capital reserves or more business immediately, its often difficult to compete.

FastTrack offers an immediate cost-effective answer to the 24/7 professional services offered by your rival installers. Suddenly you dont need access to enormous capital reserves to compete with the major players in your market.

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