Hometown Renovation is leading Lowe's national flooring providers in closing sales. 70% of our details are sold to customer and it is a combined effort between our detailers and the FastTrack team.

JD Tass
Hometown Renovation Services (Holt, MI)

My husband found this measuring software 4 years ago because he was sick of doing everything by hand every night after a whole day of measuring. It has changed the whole company as the company has grown 300% in the past 3 years from him being the only measurer to 20 measurers in 37 stores. Would highly recommend it!!!

Nicole Weeks Creech

How did you discover FloorSoft & what problem were you looking to solve?

I found FloorSoft through a web search looking for a software that could measure

What made you choose FloorSoft?

Because this is the one catered to the Lowes business

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from FloorSoft?

Time estimators and time savings - Lowes documentation is just a click away

How has FloorSoft and its products helped you reach your goals–financial, cultural,even personal goals?

By saving us time and the measurements look professional to the clients

What was it like to work with FloorSoft?

The people are good, prompt email and call returns are always on time

What is an example of how FloorSoft went “the extra mile” to serve you?

Our set up was last minute and unscheduled, however the FloorSoft guys came, in stayed an extra 3 days for training and took care of business. No one else could have been so flexible

Why would you recommend FloorSoft to someone else?

Yes. The people and the software do exactly what you need... they produce great customer service and incredible results

If someone called you and said, “Why should I do business with FloorSoft”, what would you tell them?

Because it is fast and user friendly, if you put the time into the training you will get your work done

What has the post-sales/implementation relationship been like?

A good working relationship

Did the training classes meet your expectation?

Training exceeded expectations. They customized it to our needs and made it work just the way we needed

How do customers receive the FloorWizard system?

Customers love it … what’s not to love it looks so professional

Are you able to complete the number of measures you need to complete daily? What is the maximum you could do in a single day?

Totally increases the number of jobs we can do in a day AND it took away nighttime work ... increased the time with our families

About how long did it take you to become proficient with the program?

It took about 2 weeks… and we were going strong…

What specific feature of the system do you like the most?

The Lowes forms – by far

Is the system as easy to use as you expected?

It’s not hard – however you do have to follow through it is important to answer All the questions.

Angie Perry
Perry Floor Systems (Upland, CA)

S&G Carpet & More decided to invest in the Floormaster(FloorWizard) program for several reasons. First, we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate estimates possible. Accurate estimates are important not only for our reputation, but they are also crucial to our closing many jobs that our competitors are overbidding due to careless overmeasuring. As we continue to grow, training new estimators is a great challenge and we found ourselves sending estimators out on measures before they were fully trained. We felt our positive estimate reputation was in danger, and estimator mistakes were costly and were eating into our profits. As we get close to full implementation of Floormaster, we are finding that training time of new estimators has been cut in half, even for those estimators with no flooring experience. Errors such as missing rooms or stairs, carpet shortages when a customer changes selections, pattern match problems, etc. are almost nonexistent when the Floormaster program is used, especially by the newer estimators.

Another reason we decided to invest in Floormaster was our growing carpet remnant problem. We requested that Floormaster customize the program so that dye lot requirements are designated on the cut sheet. This allows us to use smaller roll balances, saving us thousands of dollars in low margin remnants.

In the past, our estimators spent a lot of time producing separate quotes for customers who were not sure exactly what they wanted. With Floormaster, it only takes a few key strokes to eliminate a room, change a carpet or pad, or change seam placement, thus allowing the customer to make a better informed decision. We have also trained our Floor Managers and many of our sales people to be able to make some of these minor changes so that the estimators are freed up to do the actual measures. It has raised the professional image of our sales people in the eyes of our customers.

One benefit we did not count on when we purchased the program was the reaction from our customers. Our estimators are continually bringing back reports of customer comments regarding how professional our quote presentation is, and they trust our measures because it is done by a computer.If a customer decides to reduce the cost of a job by adding more seams than we would recommend, we can print out the room layout and have them sign it, preventing future claim problems. The estimators can easily show a customer how much they would save if they change the seam layout. We have noticed that since we have been using Floormaster, some of our competitors are now using a version of a computer estimate program.

The implementation of a program of this magnitude has been challenging. But Bob, Melanie, John and the rest of the Floormaster staff have been receptive to most of our suggestions and requests. They have made some major changes to the program to make it a better fit for our company. They are easy to reach and solve any minor problems in a timely manor. They have been extremely patient with those of us who are sometimes not so patient!

In conclusion, we feel the Floormaster program has made S&G a more professional, efficient company. We look forward to the many enhancements that we are sure will take place with this program in the years to come.

Theresa Koch
Operations Manager
SG Carpet and More (Bay Area, CA)

We have been a FloorWizard user since February of 2016. The program is very good, and we have had excellent service from FloorSoft. The program will allow us to continue to grow our business, and we would never go back to the manual process.

Craig Bloom
Director of Measuring Services
Pruitt Floor Covering (Wichita, KS)

We have been a FloorWizard user since 2010. We love the internet model and the way that FloorSoft keeps improving the program; we get new releases every month. FloorSoft listens to their users, and they do a good job of moving our ideas into the system. For example, I passed an idea to them late last week and now it is a part of the program! Additionallly, with every release, they document each change back to the users. And, if an idea is from a user, they recognize them in the release notice.

Eric Aguero
Manager of Estimation Services
IMS (Floresville, TX)

We have been very happy with the software. Any issues we had initially were corrected ASAP. We would not go back to the old methods.

Annie Angell
Angell Carpets (Floresville, TX)

While thankfully I rarely have to work with the support staff, they are always ready and willing to help. Mitchell specifically is always a great resource in that he is proactive and willing to get others involved when necessary to solve a problem.

Fernando Jacobo
Sales Manager
S and G Carpets (Rancho Cordova, CA)

This is great software, created to fill a need and a designed to address the application. It is dependable and functional. It gives our company an edge that others do not. we can use any software out there, and we choose FloorSoft.

Don Gladstone
Senior Estimator
Keller Interiors (Atlanta, GA)

I was an installer for over 23 years. When I told my wife I couldn't do it much longer, we both understood that I would have to take a large cut in pay to work as a salesman at some box store. My shop asked me if I would be interested in doing measuring for them. I told my wife about the offer and she agreed that I should accept. It took a little time but once I got the hang of Floorwizard, I never looked back. Because the ISST paper work is embedded if the Floorwizard software, when your done, there is no paperwork to do! One of the greatest parts of Floorwizard is the staff at Floorsoft Whenever I think of a way to improve the software, they are quick to implement it. I literally make twice as much estimating as I did installing and it would not be possible without the Floorwizard software. I am very grateful; for the men and woman who came up with Floorwizard.

Jonathan Nigra
Manager, Estimation
Kluge Brothers (Denver, CO)

They've all made me feel like I was the #1 account they have. I can't imagine anyone else having as many questions and suggestions as I've had. Yet every time I've contacted Floorsoft I've received the proper help, and at times very late in the day or evening. On top of that, they've made me feel very welcome instead of the annoyance that I'm sure I've been.

Kevin Brown
UCG (Salt Lake City, UT)

This program really is superior to the others out there. We use it for Lowe's measures. Lowe's makes changes to their details a lot and this company keeps on top of the changes being made. FloorWizard is usually ahead of the game with these changes. The program is easy to use. It asks all the right questions so you have all the information needed from a jobsite. Any time there is an error found, FloorWizard is quick to repair the issue. This program is as close to perfect as you can get.

Nikki Brown
Operations Manager
R. Travis Brown (Myrtle Beach, SC)